Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Medieval Buildings - Update

Here is an image of the latest modular building. A structure loosely based on a black and white illustration by Games Workshop and featured in adverts for White Dwarf/Forge World. As with the earlier buildings - this model is interchangeable, with the ground floor being the same dimensions as the earlier masters and the first floor and roof being unique to this particular 'merchants house'. Both ground floor and first floor are also reversible (front-to-back) to add variety.

The model is about 12mm taller than any of the other buildings, as my brief was to make a more imposing house/shop.

I have just delivered the master to Dave, who was in the processes of photographing the whole set to feature on the Grand Manner Web site.

I am very pleased with the completed set - as mentioned in earlier posts, the set has taken longer than planned, but now - I just can't wait to see a finished and painted example.