Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Early Greek Temple (wooden)

I intend to produce a number of Ancient Greek inspired structures for my 2010 project based on the Alternative Armies game Typhon. My intention is to use Spartan 40mm miniatures and others to produce yet another gaming/modelling project.

My first piece of terrain is an early Greek hut or temple based on these (and other) illustrations. You will see that both show their ancestry to the more usual stone/marble structures so typical of illustrated Ancient Greek books.

The finished temple is a hybrid of these two illustrations with a lift-off roof and full internal detail. At this stage I am uncertain if this model will be cast in resin! The miniature is an unpainted 40mm Spartan Miniatures Argonaut however the temple is also suitable for 28mm figures.

I was looking to produce a general purpose building/structure, one that could be used as a game objective and isn't the more typical Greek stone building. When I saw these sketches, I felt this would be a good first building.

Construction is mainly wooden dowel, Balsawood and DAS modelling clay.