Thursday, 11 February 2010

28mm Dovecote

My latest, finished project - a 28mm Tudor style Dovecote.

Photo One - The finished 'master' model. The model stands 190mm tall.

Photo Two - This was the commission brief, a photocopy of an illustration from an unknown booklet. The illustration is similar but not exactly the same as Luntley Court Dovecote, Hereford.

The model became a labour of love as I wanted show how my modelling skills have improved, plus I also wanted to try out new techniques, copying more closely Dave's (Grand Manner) style. Dave supplied me with a couple of small wall sections, which I used as inspiration for the finish.

Photo Three and Four - These two photos show the initial stages of construction, a 3mm plastic card core with plastic card framing and a stone base. In addition I added one section of wattle (from another small section of a Grand Manner building) as I wanted to show a section of damaged wall.

Photo Five - The internal detail was to be kept plain (there isn't a lot you can model in a dovecote!) However I was pleased with the building/roof split, which has worked very well.

Photo Six, Seven and Eight - At this stage, I have in-filled the wall sections with Das modelling clay, constructed the roof and entrance for the Doves/Pigeons plus started to build up the base.

Photo Nine - In this photo, you can see how the walls and roof have been constructed and textured. The Dovecote floor is detailed with a small section of wallpaper and the entrance and base have been further detailed.

Photo Ten, Eleven and Twelve - At this stage the model is ready to be moulded. Texturing has been continued with wire pegs, Plastic rod nails and paper hinges with plastic card door furniture. I have used Das and Milliput to add detail as well as smoothing-out joints and gaps.

Photo Thirteen - The finished model split into its three separate sections, the main building, the gabled roof and the roof to the dovecote entrance.

I am very pleased with the final result and look forward to seeing it cast in resin (and painted). I also enjoyed working to such a 'tight' brief and attempting to copy the illustration as closely as possible.

I have attempted to use Milliput (as Dave does) but have reverted back to my preferred sculpting medium Das modelling clay. Even so, I have tried to copy the particular style of texturing that Dave uses on his buildings.