Thursday, 17 December 2009

Neilson's Farm in 40mm

Neilson's Farm from the American War of Independence in 40mm built for Grand Manner. The first photo shows the finished and painted casting (actually the very first), while the rest of the photos show the 'master', the bare resin casting and more photos of the painted model. The Farm was painted in a red oxide finish which although totally authentic, does make a change from the white or bare wood colour schemes.

The model features a fully detailed interior, a lift-out first floor and a removable roof.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Hartwell Tavern in 28mm

My latest Work-in-Progress project a group of three separate buildings depicting Hartwell Tavern on Battle Road from The American War of Independence in 28mm.

This is without doubt the largest commission I have worked on so far - a signature piece being built for Grand Manner, and due to be cast and released in the new year. The main tavern building is 165mm x 140mm x 140mm while the total 'footprint' will be over 350mm x 280mm.

Progress so far has gone well,with a core of 3mm Plastic Card, individual wood lathes and the use of modified resin windows.