Thursday, 17 December 2009

Neilson's Farm in 40mm

Neilson's Farm from the American War of Independence in 40mm built for Grand Manner. The first photo shows the finished and painted casting (actually the very first), while the rest of the photos show the 'master', the bare resin casting and more photos of the painted model. The Farm was painted in a red oxide finish which although totally authentic, does make a change from the white or bare wood colour schemes.

The model features a fully detailed interior, a lift-out first floor and a removable roof.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Hartwell Tavern in 28mm

My latest Work-in-Progress project a group of three separate buildings depicting Hartwell Tavern on Battle Road from The American War of Independence in 28mm.

This is without doubt the largest commission I have worked on so far - a signature piece being built for Grand Manner, and due to be cast and released in the new year. The main tavern building is 165mm x 140mm x 140mm while the total 'footprint' will be over 350mm x 280mm.

Progress so far has gone well,with a core of 3mm Plastic Card, individual wood lathes and the use of modified resin windows.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Martian Skiff in 28mm

This is the finished 'master' for a Martian Skiff. A commission that I built in early 2009. The finished model was built in five pieces and was intended to be cast in resin. I have no idea if the model was ever cast! But this photographic record shows that I can model subjects other than buildings.

The final photo shows the design brief for this model.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Guilford Cabin in 28mm

This model is a copy of the Guilford Cabin produced in 40mm and available from Grand Manner, but this time reproduced in 28mm scale. The first photo shows work-in-progress, while the rest show the finished 'master'.

The building is built around a 3mm thick plastic card skeleton with individual balsa wood logs and DAS modelling clay filling. The roof shingles are individual wood veneer and the chimney is modelled and carved DAS.

The model has a fully detailed interior and features a lift-off roof.

Hoskin's Farm Kitchen in 28mm

Hoskin's Farm Kitchen or out-house in 28mm. The 'master' is built from balsa wood, wood veneer and DAS modelling clay. Additional detail is from real stones, plastic card or rod and a plastic barrel, which has had all of the detail sanded off, re-scribed and detailed with yellow sticky labels and is now hung on the outside wall as a wash basin or tub.

The model has a lift-off roof and detailed interior which features a tiled floor and bread making oven.

Hoskin's Farm House in 28mm

Three images of the Hoskin's Farm House 'master' in 28mm. Built from balsa, wood veneer and DAS modelling clay. The red or pink colour on the chimney is due to using very fine red coloured sand to texture the DAS.

The model has a lift-off roof, a removable first floor and detailed interior.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Small Plank House with Porch in 40mm

A generic 40mm AWI/ACW farmhouse with porch, AMC-40-05 from Grand Manner, the building has a lift-off roof and a fully detailed interior. See;

Wood Shelter and Cooking Cauldron in 40mm

The first photo shows the 40mm Wood Shelter AMC-40-02 that was built to accompany the Hoskin's Farmhouse and Hoskin's Kitchen models, see;

Photo Two is the 40mm Cooking Cauldron AMC-40-03, again built to go with the Hoskin's farm set.

In both photos the figure is a 40mm Front Rank miniature.

Hoskin's Farmhouse in 28mm - work-in-progress

Two photos showing work-in-progress on a 28mm Hoskin's Farmhouse from the Battle of Guilford Courthouse, AWI.

Valley Forge Log Cabin in 40mm

The Valley Forge Log Cabin model no. AMC-40-04 from the 40mm Grand Manner range. See;

The model features a lift-off roof and a fully detailed interior.

The original was built with individual balsa logs. The painted figure is a 40mm Front Rank Continental soldier.

Covered Well in 40mm

The Covered Well from the Grand Manner 40mm AWI/ACW range, AMC-40-01, see;

The model is 50mm tall and was originally built as a 'test piece' prior to embarking on the full 40mm AWI/ACW range. The casting is a three piece model - the main body, the winding roller and the roof. The master was constructed from balsa and plastic card.

Guilford Cabin in 40mm

Guilford Cabin built to 40mm scale as part of the 40mm AWI/ACW range from Grand Manner, AMC-40-13, see;

The model is 125mm wide, 125mm deep and 125mm tall. It is mounted onto a base that is 190mm x 145mm and comes with a removable roof and a fully detailed interior.

I had great fun researching AWI/ACW 'clutter' and modelling it, as can be seen on the porch and to the side of the building.

The original master was built with individual balsa planks on a 3mm plastic card former. The chimney and base were build from DAS modelling clay.