Wednesday, 23 March 2011

28mm Paddle Steamer Work-in-Progress part two

Following on from the stern wheel Paddle Steamer (see previous post) the next step was to produce a second hull that could be used as the basis of a couple of models. First a simple screw hull. remember that all of the deck fixtures from the stern wheel steamer can be used on this model.

As I was building this master, I couldn't help but feel that my Father was watching over my shoulder. He was a fantastic builder of model boats - the sort that you model in bottles and a commission that meant I was once again building a boat hull was a fitting memorial to Dad. I am sure he would have enjoyed telling me that this detail or fixture was out of line or miss-shaped! It should be obvious that none of the deck fixtures are attached, but will be cast as separate pieces adding to the versatility of the range and models.

Then with the addition of a Side-wheel resin casting the simple hull is transformed into this little beauty. Once again all pieces are transferable and this should mean that the modeller will be able to produce an infinite amount of variation in their own fleet of steamers.

This small range was a real treat for me to model and a very rewarding project. I look forward to seeing the resin castings built into either Tramp Steamers of with the addition of a gun or two - a Gunboat. Keep an eye on my main Blog for further photos and release details.