Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Merchant's House

This is the first of a range of 'Museum Quality' 28mm buildings designed by me and cast in resin by Grand Manner.

In an attempt to improve my modelling skills I have firstly, added a full and accurate interior and secondly, attempted to model the Merchant's House, Avoncroft Museum, Bromsgrove as accurately as possible, including repairs, damage and all the unique features of the original building.

The next four images show work-in-progress, from bare plastic frame to completed model.

In building this 'master' I have called upon a number of reference sources, including a visit and day of sketching at the open air museum. for anyone interested the building which originally stood in Bromsgrove town centre was moved and re-built at the museum in 1967. Full details can be found at; link

This was one of the most satisfying master models I have ever produced, taking a great deal of time to attempt as near as possible a 100% accurate reproduction. I hope you agree.

Details of the 28mm model can be found at; link - at this time there is no quoted price.