Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Ancient Greece in 28mm

Two more Greek models, the first is an early Greek Kiln, taken from a number of illustration on the Internet and featured in children's Greek History books. The un-cooked pottery is placed in the upper section with a charcoal fire in the lower. Once the fire is burning, both the furnace entrance and smoke chimney are sealed off and a chemical reaction bakes the pottery and turns it black.

The pots are either sculpted by me or modified beads, which have in turn been cast in resin (green resin in this case).

The second photo is a small decorative piece, based on The Oracle at Delpi. The story goes that sacrifices were made to a priestess who sat on a tripod over a volcanic vent and would answer questions posed to her. It is believed that the toxic fumes would place the priestess in a trance. Other stories talk of the priestess chewing laurel leaves to induce a trance.

The model uses a number of materials - stones, foam, plaster and resin castings. (I must apologise for the poor quality of this photo).

Both models are now with Dave at Grand Manner. Finished castings should be available very soon.