Saturday, 30 January 2010

European Windmill in 28mm

This latest Blog entry details a 28mm European Windmill based on a number of illustrations - for example The Battle of Naseby, an illustrated book on early windmills at Swansea Library and French Rural Windmills from the Internet. The model is more accurately - a Post Windmill, having a main post and support below the mill housing and the model has been considerably reduced, as a correctly proportioned or scaled windmill would have stood well over 50cms tall!

The windmill fits within a number of gaming periods, from the 100 years war, up to WWII, although the sail type is a little more modern, with the sail fabric being stored (when not in use) in the large wooden boxes to the side of each sail.

The final photo shows the eight separate pieces all ready to be moulded and cast. I have included some (simple) internal detail, although the actual brief/commission stated none.

With windmill designs being so eclectic and no one design ever dominating, I can see variation of this particular casting being released in future.

The master was constructed from lollipop sticks over 3mm Plastic Card, with the base being carved from Balsawood and the sails a converted Grand Manner resin casting.